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Blackstar is working to reduce Seattle's #carbonfootprint with efficient electrical equipment!

Blackstar Diversified was recently awarded a contract to provide the Seattle Monorail in Seattle, WA low voltage switchboards.

SAI UL891 Switchgear Front View

Two of the most powerful industrial #climatechange actions to reduce carbon footprint are vehicle drive emissions reductions and increased efficiency in electrical components

Equipped with #schweitzerengineeringlaboratories 751 relays and 2652 trip coil monitors, along with a #electroindustries Nexus 1500 power quality monitor, this switchboard is built to perform efficiently!

This #UL891 switchboard powers the Seattle Station direct current traction power equipment, after being fed from the Seattle City Light substation.

SAI UL891 Switchgear Internal View

Thanks to a 100% vertically integrated platform, SAI specializes in custom solutions; beginning with raw materials and ending with quality finished products. With experienced in-house electrical, mechanical and controls engineers, our ability is almost limitless. SAI has the flexibility and overall control to provide the products you need when you need them. At SAI custom truly means custom. 

So when you think about how you can help better utilize the earths resources, take mass transit instead of driving, and know that SAI Advanced power Solutions equipment will be powering your way to carbon neutrality!

SAI UL891 Switchgear Front View with Open Doors

SAI Advanced Power Solutions is located in Franklin Park, IL. All of their products are made in the USA. Contact them @

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