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Blackstar is helping the City of New Orleans create safe travels for its residents!

Blackstar Diversified was recently awarded a contract with the City of New Orleans Department of Public Works to provide Traffic Signal Controllers and Malfunction Management Units for critical infrastructure.

During the #Covid19 pandemic, multiple emergency vehicles have needed passage through New Orleans intersections, and this combined system is the lifeblood of that operation.

A Traffic Signal Controller (ATC) does exactly what it's name says, controls traffic signal operation.

The Trafficware Series 900 ATC Controller is based on ATC and NEMA TS2 standards, and includes advanced functionality for complex phasing, detector processing, coordination, preemption, communications, adaptive timing, and systems operation as a master or a secondary controller.

A Malfunction Management Unit (MMU), is the monitoring component that keeps all systems at an intersection functioning properly, and warns operators of any issues affecting proper functionality.

The Trafficware Model MMU 516L-E Malfunction Management Unit is an enhanced MMU that monitors up to 16 traffic signal indications (channels) for malfunctions affecting traffic light control cabinets. It displays the cabinet’s status, monitors faulty signals, reports malfunctions and provides accurate diagnoses.

Combined, these controllers allow the City of New Orleans to handle this critical emergency traffic flow, as well as normal traffic flow through traffic signal intersections.

So when you stop at an intersection, think about how that critical process protects and directs you to get where you want to go...and think about how partnering with Blackstar Diversified can help you get to where you want to go!

Contact Blackstar Diversified for more information on Trafficware ATC, MMU or other traffic control equipment.

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