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Blackstar delivers on crucial Wanco Message boards for the Louisiana Dept. of Transportation.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Blackstar Diversified was recently awarded a project with the Department of Transportation for Louisiana. And they delivered. Delivering the crucial Wanco Message Boards this week to the DOTD's Headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA.

DOTD's Equipment Tester, Jeffrey Brown, was delighted to see these arrive. "These message boards are crucial for us right now, we're focused on safety more than ever before". The two boards are said to be traveling to Lake Charles, LA as well as Monroe, LA. John said, "The boards won't be there long, we plan to move these to other locations."

It is expected, with the influx of new state and local projects and the MOVEBR program, the Department of Transportation will be looking for more message boards. "Since our new focus is on safety, we will be looking to add more to our fleet very soon."

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