BDE, LLC offers the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of LED and Power Over Ethernet Lighting.  Our manufacturers offer the highest quality products for the most demanding applications and environments.  Our team has the engineering capabilities necessary to provide customers with a virtually endless array of custom product possibilities. 





EcoLite partners with LED technology                GENISYS is the definition of intelligent                  Olympia designs, manufacturers and

leaders to provide leading-edge                         lighting with hardware & software that                  sells Industrial Grade LED Lights &

technology that is viable, practical and               powers, controls, & monitors lighting                    Fixtures for the Commercial Lighting

effective. EcoLite surpasses Energy                     all through a safe, low voltage Ethernet                Industry. Olympia is the only

Star's efficiency standards AND offers                cable providing endless possibilities into               company to offer 500W LED Lamp

long life guarantee. EcoLite tests every              the digital IoT world.                                              replacements for up to 2,000 WATT

LED batch and every LED product                                                                                                     Metal Halide Lamps. Olympia is a 

produced to ensure each product can be                                                                                           proud member of the International

relied on every day, for years.                                                                                                           Ultraviolet Association and offers

                                                                                                                                                           Air and Surface Disinfection 

                                                                                                                                                           solutions to match your buildings

                                                                                                                                                           specific requirements!





























ASD Lighting has been in business                                                                                    Patriot LED assembles their products

since 1999 and is one of the fastest                                                                                  here in the United States of America.

growing LED manufacturers in the                                                                                    Buy assembled in USA compliant 

USA. ASD provides high quality                                                                                              Patriot LED products are redefining what

commercials and residential LED                                                                                                is possible with the US Government

products at very low prices making them                                                                                   lighting sector. Patriot is also verified

one of the best value for the money in                                                                                       BAA/TAA certified! 





                              For any information regarding the availability of LEDs please send us an inquiry to projectmanagement@blackstardiversified.net